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Face Masks

Face Masks

Updated: 5/10/2024

Is it just a fad?

Can your skin benefit from using a face mask?

Face masks are all the rage and have some benefits. But we have to see the benefits from the perspective of time and not effort. When we see face masks from the perspective of time, we understand that no matter what the benefits are they may be limited by the amount of time we use the masks. We here at Like Mother, Like Daughter Co., believe that you can benefit from almost anything. Especially if it's natural, however the amount of time. Whether too long or too short can determine whether you reap the benefits of a face mask. So, time used is important, but quality and quantity are just as important.

How much of a particular ingredient is in the face mask is important. Be mindful of the first four to six ingredients, they make up the majority of the product. Most people tell you that if you can't pronounce it, then you shouldn't put it in or on your body. But the rule of thumb is to use the scientific name and add the common name beside it. Now if the common name can't be pronounced then as a rule of thumb it is not good for your body. Always be aware of what you're using and know what's in your products.

Be conscious of fillers and preservatives. Many companies use fillers and preservatives in face masks that are not natural, and they do not have a benefit to the product but to make more of it. In other words, it lends to the quantity, not the quality. Or lends to shelf life not skin care. So be very cautious when you are applying products to your skin that have more of an ingredient that is used to make more of the product and directly used for self-life, especially if these items are higher up on the ingredient list because they can directly affect the product and your skin. 

Have you ever used, or would you try a face mask?

Join in the conversation and let us know your thoughts.


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