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Our Heart, our Commitment, our legacy

About Like Mother, Like Daughter Co.

Our mission at Like Mother, Like Daughter Co, is to provide luxury, high-quality, organic hair and skin care products that are effective, naturally sourced, and environmentally sustainable. We strive to make a positive impact on the planet by using natural, non-toxic ingredients and minimizing our carbon footprint through responsible sourcing, packaging, and production practices.

This Mother-Daughter Duo, creates products that enhance the beauty of both men and women. A beauty that will give way to self-confidence, acceptance; and plant seeds that will manifest for generations to come. Together, we believe in using naturally sourced ingredients, to create exceptional products for our customers.

We want to ensure that each of our customers have an experience that exceeds their greatest expectations, and we hope that we leave this world better than we found it.


"In 2010 our humble beginnings started in Philadelphia, PA. I started creating products to be utilized by her family. I wanted to create products that were intentional. I also wanted to formulate products that were not ultra processed, that did not have ingredients that we could not pronounce or did not know the ramifications of using them.

I also wanted high impact ingredients that were non-toxic and had the potential to be transformative. My family deserved that. They deserved that and so much more!

-Desiree M. Bethea, Like Mother, Like Daughter Founder & CEO.

From Philly humble beginnings.


It is through sharing many encouraging moments, and conversations with a co-worker that the brand was created in 2017. Desiree decided that she wanted God and legacy to be at the core of the company. And through many talks with her daughter, Like Mother, Like Daughter Co. name was born. It is named for her only child Raven-Mone’t. Desiree believes that God is love, so you’ll find love everywhere that they are.

Desiree began selling her products at festivals, local flea markets, and pop-up shops.


Like Mother, Like Daughter Co. was founded in 2019. The brand launched its e-commerce website and built an on-line presence that would allow customers to purchase whenever and wherever they chose to. It is through festivals, local flea markets, pop-up shops, and the launch of the e-commerce website that Like Mother, Like Daughter Co. found its client base.

A loyal, devoted customer base that rivals any other customer base. Where they offer constructive criticism and feedback, that has helped build the brand, its product lines, and its voice.

Original LMLD Website
"Have you ever taken a bite of something, and thought it just needed a little of something extra? Well, this guide is everything you've ever needed, in just one bite! - Desiree M. Bethea, Like Mother, Like Daughter Founder & CEO

The Ultimate 90 Day Hair Growth Guide 2023

In 2023 Desiree, penned as the "Sharpshooter," creates her first digital guide. It is a 90-day action pact guide where you get all of her gems without the problems. “This guide is what you invest in when you want something that is proven to work and will give you a high return in a short period of time and is priceless.”

-Desiree M. Bethea, Like Mother, Like Daughter Founder & CEO

If God be for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31
- Desiree M. Bethea, Like Mother, Like Daughter Founder & CEO" data-local="Baltimore, MD" data-time="about 21 minutes ago">