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Hydration vs Moisture

Hydration vs Moisture

What is the difference?

How can you find balance?

Why do we need them both?

Most people confuse the two and those who know the difference still find themselves making it out to be something that it's not. The reason why is because neither the two shall meet. So for the record hydration and moisture is not about oil and water. It is about water and the volume of water involved. So to be clear water is standard hydration, where moisture is the amount of wetness caused by water found in the air, in your hair, and in your products.

So, for simplicity's sake we're merely talking about water and the amount of water.

This is why you see beautiful people saturate their hair with products versus merely spritzing or adding a simple amount of product.

And the lack thereof can be the lynchpin for dryness, baldness, and breakage.

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